It Comes With the Job Description

by Knockout Kid

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released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Knockout Kid Chicago, Illinois

MANIC, the label debut via Bullet Tooth, AVAILABLE NOW in-stores / digital worldwide.

Stay lit.

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Track Name: Hoop Dreams
It makes no sense to either of us so why stand for all the nonsense? / And the same time I can’t let go / I can’t let go / Don’t say I won’t miss you / Don’t say I won’t need you / Cause I’m afraid / But we gotta move on / We gotta move on now / Right now / Like your bedroom floor / I’ve seen this all before / Engraved in my memories / And there’s more out there to see / Thank you for the inspiration / Curtains closed and onto the next one / Onto the next one, onto the next one / And I guess they’ll never understand me / I can hear them over and over again / Their screams vibrating in my ears / You’ll never make it, you’ll never make it alive //
Track Name: a Dead Man
I never said anything / But I’ll let you prove me wrong / Been practicing my exit plan / And you knew it all along / Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to tell you off / But this time is different and I’ll let you know one thing / You’ll know what you had when its gone // Calling calling all cars / This is a one night invitation / Calling calling all witnesses / Cause you’ll never remember / Get up and take the stand / I’m down / But don’t count me out just yet / I’ll be out by this time tomorrow // I wish that this were different / And that we’d never met this way / Another drop in the bottle and like they say / Everything looks better from far away / Everything looks better from far away //
Track Name: Catalina
Get me to a doctor / Or hand me over to the undertaker / So he can bury what’s left / And let me rest in pieces cause as a whole I’m useless / So let me rest in pieces / Girl, I know your secrets / I found a boneyard in your room so now I’ve got a bone to pick with you / The writing on the wall came true // Somebody tell me, am I okay? / Somebody tell me that I’m fine / I’ve separated myself from myself this time / And you can hear the words / I mouth them everyday / I’m just trying to be heard / Hold on to every word I say // This happens everyday / Fuck / You ripped me apart and blew me away / And along I knew that it was me / My heart was digging its own grave / I found a boneyard in your room so now I’ve got a bone to pick with you and all your friends / And on the tombstone it was said / Whoever lies here must be dead // A & B with myself / See your way out of this / Leave me for dead / Leave me for dead / I’ll take my chances without you here / Get me to a doctor / Or hand me over to the undertaker / You want dirt on me / You won’t have to dig too deep //
Track Name: Drunken Nights and Mall Fights
And when I finally hit the ground / I didn't hit it running / I'm falling / And where is everyone I used to call my home? / As the summer comes to a close I can't remember what it feels like to know where I came from // Say tomorrows getting better with every second I'm not awake / I'll see the morning when it matters most to me / We've got nothing to our names but broken records and they're still spinning / We've got nothing to our names and we're still singing // And when I finally saw the sun come up / I swear to God I've never been so gone / And getting older every night / But the days have never hit me harder / And every night I’m getting farther, farther from this town //
Track Name: Things I Wanna Say
Another thirteen hour drive / With nothing to remind me / Like a bad dream / I’ll be waking up to someone else’s call / Wishing you were on the line / Telling me it's not good-bye / Or that this won’t be the last time I drive away // There's things I wanna say / But I won't cower under bridges 'til they're burning and I’m drowning / I’m not the person at the party / This isn’t the me I know / There's things I wanna say / That I’ve been hiding for so long and I’m drowning / I’m not the person at the party / Tonight I’m here all alone // So tell me anything (so tell me anything) / That leaves me with a sense of security / Cause we’ve been singing this song for way too long / And now we’re singing it goodnight / Oh god, I’ve got my share of emptiness / But you’re as hollow as a ghost / You’ll haunt me every mile of 61 // I’m trying to make peace with the person in the mirror / He’s telling me to speak / Let’s make this clear //
Track Name: How the Midwest Was Won
I’ve got my eyes set west / Just like your back pressed hard against my bed / I’m writing off our dead-end story / And I’m wearing down this conversation /You’re drunk, but no relation / And I won’t be here when you sober up // I’ve got these friends by my side and I’m leaving this all behind / No, I’m not worried / We’re just the same old story, sorry but I’m over you / We’ve got our eyes set west so drink up and place your bets / Here’s a toast, here’s a toast to the outlaws that we call friends / We’ve got our eyes set west so drink up and place your bets / Here’s a toast, here’s a toast to when we draw / Aim for the heart, shoot from the hip // Shoot from the hip / We draw first blood / To make you a man or a bodybag / Ten paces on my count // Bullets in the back you never had / And I’ve still got my friends / And another for the back of your head / Bullets in the back you never had / And I’ve still got my friends, and another one for… //
Track Name: Not 5-0
I’ve got a question / Just what do you think of me / If I pack my bags and leave tonight / Into the city / Don’t try to find me / It's already too late for that // Because a lot of people wanna kill me / And no, I’m not going crazy / "Be careful out there", she said / We’ve got the weight on our shoulders / Quick, don’t blow it or you’ll never belong here again / I’ve got to see all I can before it's gone // I understand if you never forgive me / And I hate how you always take notice / The car is gone / So where are we now? / We’ll figure it out when we get there somehow // I’ve been waiting for days / Call it years / To tell it like I see it and now it seems that no one will listen / So we’ll let them know just what we’re thinking //
Track Name: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
This a song for the girl from way back home / Oh, how you got to me / Refuse to admit it and try to forget it / Oh, what a mistake / And now you've left this mark on me / Through everything I do I can't forget you // This is a second chance / I won't waste another second / Waste it on you, baby / I won’t waste my time // And hey girl I hate to call you out / But you're only good at lying when you're lying on your back / Or so I’ve heard / So keep on, just keep on faking it / And I'll pretend I never knew that it was real with me and you // So pick yourself up on the drive home / I’m never looking back / So I’ll pick myself up from the drive back home / So won’t you pick yourself up? / Cause I’m never coming back // This is a song for the girl from way back home //
Track Name: One For the Team, Two For the Dream
Standing on the edge of twenty / And I remember when they’d tell her I had nothing going for me / So I packed my bags and there weren’t many / But they got me to this city / It was all the proof that we needed / Wish she could see it // They said we’d never make it / No, but this time around they’ll tell it to our fingerprints / Our marks in the road / It never mattered at all / Another story to be told so here’s another one for the kids back home // Here I go again getting caught up in the way you write my name / So sincere the way you say you miss me / And I wanna fall until I fade into the shade of the green in your eyes / This seems forward but I apologize // This is the moment people live for / This is the moment people kill for / This is the moment that we all live for / This is the moment we'd all kill for //
Track Name: Make Your Peace
Why won’t you wake up? / I’ve been lying here awake for hours, maybe days / And I’ve lost count so many times / I’ve never felt this way / So why do I stay? / I wish that this were different / That everything was easier this way / I wish that I could say it's me not you / But I was never good at handling the truth // So I won’t be home when you roll in tonight all alone / So make your peace and say good-bye / This was never worth the price we paid, so good-bye / I promised you I’d never waste your time, so good-bye // I’ve grown to love this dream of mine where everything goes back in time / And everything I wanted was everything I had / You’ll always be the one that got me where I am / You got me where I am // Don’t give them an inch on your life //
Track Name: Interstate
Here we are laying in the grass together / And the stars burn so bright / They remind me of stormy weather / It's not my fault you’re so damn pretty / Obsession grows with a personality so charming and witty // So stop, stop, stop, I'm not quite finished / Baby, oh baby, I'm so into this / Stop, stop, stop I'm not quite finished / Here's something else for you to toke / I’m driving you away like an interstate / What can I say girl you got me head over heels / Head over heels / Driving you away like an interstate / What can I say girl, you got me head over heels / And I guess its time for me to be on my way // Oh, I've been and I'll be there baby for you to confide in or even maybe / Relevant to the statement before / Like the smell of sex on my living room floor / With blank stares we both agree that we've settled, contempt, but are we happy? / I've done my best / Fed up with no regrets / We should quit before we run this into opposing traffic // We change lanes cause we’re moving too fast //
Track Name: Keep It Running: 10k and a Getaway
You’re waking up but I’ll already be gone / I know we both agreed that we were only having fun / But my numbers on the table where we drank too much last night / Picked a fight with the world and it set a date and time // I’ll be making history this time tomorrow when the room stops spinning out of control / I’m making history in the morning / This hotel room floor can’t hold me forever // I’m staying up for another night in a row / Been throwing back these bottles / You’d think I’d find the bottom / But we got kids in every state and I won’t be the one who walks away / So let’s drink enough to sing it loud // You’re waking up but I’ll already be gone / My head was in the clouds but my heart was on the run / Oh, I knew we’d never make it in this sprawled suburbia / So promise you’ll meet me out there //